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I Have a Dream

I remember reading aboutĀ a well known black emancipator by the name of Martin Luther King delivering the speech, “I Have a Dream”. Another well know international South African figureĀ is Mr Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years at Robben Island because of his dream to seeing blacks getting freed from the shackles of the white regime in South Africa.

All the great achievers in this world dream, and work slowly towards achieving their dreams. But remember this, no one can achieve his or her vision alone. We need one another’s strength. The lady is appealing to your assistance in order for her to achive her dream. Here is her story:

I Need Your Help Please

Sthabile is Desperate

My name is Sthabile excellent Mbongwe I am 23 years old, I have been living my life dreaming that 1 day I will become a Tourist now that my dream is about 2 become true I am hoping n wishing that siyasizana will help me because i have applied 4 a student Loan at Standard Bank n they said that they will give the money but only if I bring d person who earns d salary of R5000 or someone who owns business as my surety because my mother earns less than that n I did find that person but on Thursday I got a call from them telling me that my Surety does not qualify because of something they won’t reveal 2 me and I have a problem now that i have 2 start at school on 25 January 2012. I will be very grateful if Siyasizana can b my Surety.

I have already paid the deposit of R10 000 my mom borrowed it at African Bank and now if don’t get the Surety the money that i have deposited they won’t refund me at school and if i don’t pay them at the end of January they will kick me out of school. Please Siyasizana I need your help. I will be doing National Certificate General Travel and National Diploma Retail. In first semester i will be doing these subject: Air Trave1-Domestic, Travel Operations, Selling Destination SA, Business Skills, Business Communication, Financial Management, Computer Skills, Sales and Marketing, Office Safety and Galileo. Second semester: Air Travel2-International, Travel Operation, Selling Destinations, Regional/International, Business Skills, Business Communication, Billing and Settlement Plan, Computer Skills, Sales and Marketing, Office Safety, Travel Correspondence, Wholesale, Event Support, Hotel Reception and Galileo. I will be doing them at Travel Learning Centre at Randpark Ridge. The course will take only 1year 6months.

Very simple and uncomplicated appeal. Ask your yourself after reading this. If God ask me one day, what I did to hel this lady achieve dream, what would be my answer?

Rember, “We are blessed to bless others”.SAFE DONATION


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