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The Durban Metro Municipality has come to the aid of a Chesterville family of 23 who were living in abject conditions, crowded into a one-room house with adjoining mud shelters.

Recently the Housing Unit handed over a new home to the Zulu family after being alerted to their plight by Ward 29 Councillor, Lindiwe Ntaka. Ntaka had been going from door to door, checking up on the living conditions of residents, when she chanced upon the Zulu’s homestead.

“I could not hold back my tears when I saw a family of 23 living in mud shacks, with no one employed. Most were sick with TB, because it is very stuffy and unhealthy in their shack,” she said.

With money from her own pocket, Ntaka bought them groceries. “I asked social workers to monitor the situation and contacted the Municipality’s Housing Unit. Sthe Mkhize, of the Housing Unit, thanked Anele Constructions for responding quickly to the crisis.


“The building of the house took only two weeks – and it is a quality one,” Mkhize said. Head of the family, Busisiwe Zulu, said she was delighted with their new brick home which has a big bedroom, lounge, kitchen, toilet, shower and electricity.

“This is a dream come true. I never thought in my lifetime I would live in such a nice house because we depend on a pension for our living, which only covers groceries because I am looking after my late sister’s children,” said Zulu. She thanked Ntaka for her help.

Nonhlanhla Duma, Zulu’s niece, who shares the house with  family, said that in the past they had struggled when some needed to study and others wanted to sleep. ” At least now we can use the other room while studying and the elders can sleep in the new one.

“We are grateful for this even though it is painful because my other anunt and grandfather passed away recently from TB while the house was being built,” said Duma.


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Many elderly people are faced with loneliness. In response to this the Anna Conradie Service Centre, situated in South beach, Durban, has risen up to offer social clubs and service centres for the aged. The centre aims to provide a safe place for the elderly to meet new friends, enjoy a good meal at an affordable rate and participate in various activities.

The Anna Conradie Centre’s mission is to alleviate the distress and to promote well being of older people in Durban. The centre aims to use resources in the most efficient manner and to encourage the elderly to live as independent members of the community for as long as possible and to care for those who are no longer able to look after themselves.

Activities which are offered by the centre includes meals, games, crafts, health, library and special events and functions for the elderly. The centre is encouraging community members to get involved and to assist the initiatives either through contributions, donations or volunteering.

For more information contact the centre on +27313370163

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Brighton Beach SAPS’s Chanelle Strijdom is appealing to the community to help her raise R5 000 more to buy a new R30 000 motorised wheelchair.

The national SAPS disability fund has sponsored R25 000 but Chanelle, a cerebral palsy quadriplegic, is short of R5 000 to get a Nippi wheelchair with a head rest.

A member of the SAPS for 16-years, the friendly 37-year-old explained she had meningitis when she was three-and-a-half months old.

“Doctors told my parents I would not walk, talk or be able to go to school but when I was three-and-half my mother decided to put me in a Pretoria school. No one had any hope for me. I couldn’t sit upright, my motor development was very limited and I could not speak. I made sounds.”

But Chanelle promised herself no-one would bring her down and learnt to talk between six and seven-years-old. “I learnt to feed myself at the of 12 and sign at 17 as I decided no-one would ever sign documents on my behalf,” she said. While Chanelle completed matric at the age of 20, everybody told her she could not work in the open market because of her severe disability. Not satisfied with this limitation she prayed on November 1, 1993 and was later employed as a typist in a government. She is currently studying for her BA in criminology and psychology at UNISA.

Source: Southlands Sun

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Needy school children in the Durban South Area were given some Christmas cheer recently when they received school uniform gift vouchers.

This initiative saw 60 children from 60 schools from Umlazi, Lamontville, Wentworth, Merebank, Isipingo and the informal settlement of Malukazi each receive a R500 gift voucher to purchase school uniforms for the new year.

The project was initiated by members of the SAPREF Community Liaison Forum (CFL) who opted to forego traditional year end celebration in favour of uplifting the children in the community in some way.

“In the true spirit of Christmas they felt the funds go towards a worthy cause and it was decided to assist underprivileged children with school uniforms,” explained SAPREF’s sustainable development manager, Lindiwe Khuzwayo.

SAPREF provided funding for 50 of the R500 vouchers and five vouchers came from private donors connected to SAPREF. “The recipients of the vouchers all come from severely deprived backgrounds. To identify the most needy learner at each school, SAPREF worked with teachers who mange the Department of Education’s programme for Orphans and Vulnerable Children at the various schools,” said Khuzwayo.

The CLF has been instrumental in developing various social initiatives such as training for community leaders and soccer development for school learners.

Source: Southern Star

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The Proud Parents Taking Action programme is a project of the eThekwini Municipality’s South Durban Basin (SDB) Area Based Management. The programme will be implemented and offered free of charge to parents in the communities of the SDB. Eurakha Singh, Social Development Manager at the SDB ABM indicated that parents in the SDB are confronted with various social, psychological and practical issues that make it difficult to successfully parent their offspring.

Singh said:“Furthermore, children in this area are confronted with a host of undesirable influences that potentially have a negative influence on their development. Crime, violence, divorce, singleparent homes, reconstituted families, poverty, substance misuse, HIV/AIDS, gangsterism and teenage pregnancy, are some of the issues that are commonly faced in the SDB.” As a result of these difficulties in the home and community many children, develop behavioural problems which are exhibited in the home, in school and during interaction with the wider community.

These problems include but are not limited to: a lack of respect for authority figures, school refusal and truancy, under-performance at school and in the home, aggression and violence, substance abuse, early sexual activity (resulting in teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmissible infections) gangster activity and criminal behaviour. “The South Durban Basin ABM acknowledges the seriousness and the complexity of the challenges faced and knows there is no quick fix or immediate solution”, said Singh.

The programme stresses that a parent’s love needs to be balanced with adequate guidance, discipline and boundary-setting in order for the child to receive adequate parenting and develop into a mature, responsible adult. Phase two of the Proud Parenting Programme is scheduled to commence on June from 6pm to 8:30pm or at a time deemed suitable and agreed by the group of parents and facilitator. “In view of the specific nature of phase two, we have assembled a project team, who has a wealth of experience in their areas of expertise.

Our project team is multi-disciplinary, and includes individuals in the fields of psychology, social and probation work.

Contact Beverly Palmer of Bathathu Consulting on 082 324 7160. Those interested can also contact Gail Richards on 0836455901 or Priscilla Fynn on 031 4613793.

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Joining the global bid to end poverty, more than 300 Clairwood residents in Durban received a scrumptious meal, bars of soap and were encouraged to live a healthy life on Sunday October 18.

This was a call to stop worldwide poverty. Clairwood Tamil Institute (CTI) in partnership with The Art of Living Foundation and Chatsworth Youth Centre held a successful feeding programme. “It was really a moving day to see how many people are affected by poverty worldwide,” said CTI’s chairman, Mervyn Reddy. The Clairwood programme will be featured at the next United Nations summit. Chatsworth Youth Centre’s Devan Pillay read a universal message calling for an end to poverty. Unilever sponsored more than 1,000 bars of soap and a discussion on a healthy lifestyle. “CTI is grateful to the sponsors and those who have contributed to this successful event. We anticipate further ventures to help our people in Clairwood.” said Mervyn.

Source: Southlands Sun


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senior citizens-durban south area

Disadvantaged senior citizens from across eThekwini are celebrating Christmas early this year by being treated to a series of special luncheons.
Over the past few weeks, these Christmas parties, which have been divided up according to the different wards, have come to the Durban South Area. The festivities included entertainment, live performance, dancing, singing and also guest speakers.

Sethama Reddy (85) of Isipingo said she really enjoyed herself at the Isipingo senior citizens party. “We were singing and dancing and it was so nice.”
Michael Ruthnan (65), also from Isipingo, said he also thoroughly enjoyed the event. “I am 65-years-old and our councillors really made the day for the old people.

Source: Southern Star-RSA

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